One has to wonder if Lauren Duca has to work at being this intellectually dishonest or if it comes naturally. Her inability to be a decent human being on any level if she disagrees with you politically is impressively bad.

Take for instance this charming tweet where she misrepresents America and disrespects Trump and his supporters:

We’re a Republic, Lauren.

Shhh, she’s rolling.

She and others on the Left just don’t get it. Even Republicans and Conservatives who don’t care for Trump are starting to defend him against this sort of stupid; they’re all but re-electing him in 2020.

Check this nonsense out:


Progressivism 101.

They really believe this crap.

Domestic terrorists. There it is.

There it is again.

Nice blue check, Twitter.


There are only 120 million people in America? For real?

You no math good, EL OH EL.

She made t-shirts about how much she hates people.

What a sweetie.


Would someone please get these people a big ol’ glass of shut-up juice?



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