Remember when SNL used to be funny? It’s been about 20 years but seriously, it used to be one of the funniest shows on TV. And even when they got political way back when it didn’t feel preachy, it was just funny.

SNL 2017 has turned into another boring, bloviated, Leftist medium.

For example.


Psst, 75.8% of Puerto Rico’s population is white, Michael. But don’t let that stop you from making Puerto Rico into Katrina so you can claim Trump is a racist.

Imagine if someone on any show had used a racial slur against Obama … cities would be on fire. And whether or not you agree with how Trump responded to the Mayor’s criticisms (this editor happens to think he should have taken the high road), this reaction is not only unfunny, but based on untruths.

But that’s never stopped the Left when they’re rolling.

Sadly this is the new normal.

Because five years ago SNL was busy worshipping Obama and would NEVER have said such horrible things about their king.