Man. And we thought the Left was nutty under Obama … their behavior since Trump’s badass speech to the UN earlier this week has been so bizarre. Some going as far as to wish Kim Jong Un was leading this country? (looking at you, Chelsea Handler)

Check this dude out:

Harry is an author apparently; full transparency, never heard of him until today.

But he made the radar of Federalist columnist (among other Conservative accolades), Erielle Davidson:

Not even.

Harry, don’t be coy.

But Trump is mean! He says mean stuff! HE’S A REPUBLICAN.

You mean these frothy-mouthed Lefties having a meltdown over Trump telling North Korea and Iran that we won’t sit back and let them attack us are ignorant of the dictator they’re all but applauding?

Get outta here.

So Harry is saying that given half the chance that Trump would have his family members killed by rabid dogs and he’d form death camps.

Trump Derangement Syndrome is RAMPANT.


When people who dislike Trump are telling you you’ve gone too far? Listen.


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