Chelsea Handler has tweeted a LOT of stupid things about Donald Trump; clearly this chick has lost whatever marbles she may have once had since he became president. And we’ve reported on many of her obnoxious tweets but THIS one takes the cake.

Sooo, Chelsea wants to trade our president for Kim Jung Un. She hates Trump so much that she’d rather live under a dictator who had his uncle killed by a pack of rabid dogs, who actually has death camps in his country … somehow in her warped mind this would be a better way to live?

Legendary stupid.

She still won’t get why what she said is totally f’d up.

Many people were more than willing to ship Chelsea over to North Korea if that’s how she wants to live.

Others were just flabbergasted that she thought this was a good idea to tweet.

Chelsea, apologize? Sure, right after monkeys fly out of our butt.

She just keeps outdoing herself, right?

Hey, watch what you say about Unicorn Boy!

It’s almost as if progressives LIKE being on the wrong side of history.

Seems even her fans are growing bored of her.

Chelsea, listen to Michael Jordan.