How did Lauren Duca think people would react to a tweet as stupid as this one?

Granted, she trolled us into writing about her (again), but deep down we really are starting to wonder if she believes the nonsense she spews on Twitter. Seriously, how can anyone be this dense?


Never mind.

Teen Vogue seems to think she’s totally rad.

Hey don’t look at us, we just work here.

Disingenuous at best.

Whatever you say, Cosmo guy.

Yes, the majority of this thread where she called Buckley a white nationalist POS is fairly agreeable, maybe four or five people disagreed with her. But the one that got to her the most came from a 9-follower troll account.

Here’s the tweet that triggered the poor dear:

If she is so easily enraged by the word ‘bimbo’ perhaps she should examine how strong her feminism really is; seems a bit on the insecure side to us.


OOPS! Lauren Duca RAGS on Fox News’ white supremacy panel, trips over her own cover photo