You mean Americans didn’t want to watch a bunch of smug elites from Hollywood pat themselves on the backs for playing make believe all evening while lecturing them about politics?

Who’da thunk it.

From The Hill:

The 2017 Emmy Awards show hosted by Stephen Colbert on CBS is tracking to be the lowest-rated in the show’s televised history, according to preliminary numbers from Nielsen Media Research.

The 8.2 overnight rating among metered-market households is down 2 percent from the previous all-time low from just last year, when Jimmy Kimmel hosted on ABC. An 8.2 rating equates to about 11.2 million viewers.

Gosh, that’s not good, Stephen. Worse than Jimmy Kimmel?

Right? Who doesn’t love watching a bunch of guys dressed up like they’re in the Handmaid’s Tale?

If people want to get lectured about politics they’ll just watch MSNBC.

They really do this to themselves.

Nope, nothing to do with it at all.


Tough crowd.


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