Imagine how badly the shiznit would hit the fan if a white actress said this:

But instead said she was ‘rooting for everybody white.’

The actress would be called a racist, there would be protests in the streets, buildings burned down … whatever show the actress was on would likely be canceled and she would be fired.

Insecure star, that’s cute, Variety.


Not really, nope.

When did people forget the main race is the HUMAN race?

It’s all we’d be hearing about today, the evil racist actress who dared say she was rooting for everybody white.

Weird world we live in these days, eh?

Trademarked. Heh.

Actors and actresses need to figure out they are alienating half their audience every time they voice a political opinion. Maybe just shut up and act?

Shhh … she was busy being controversial for attention.

Although we’re not entirely sure she’ll like the attention she’s getting.


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