Tariq Nasheed has perfected the art of trolling for followers.

Over the past week Tariq has accused Ben Shapiro of being a fake Jew, being alt-right and being a white supremacist, which anyone with half a brain in their heads knows isn’t true. And while that’s been mildly entertaining, nothing made us laugh quite as much as Tariq challenging Ben to a debate.

There’s just one glaring problem with his challenge:

He. Didn’t. Tag. Ben.

So unless Ben is looking at Tariq’s timeline (which we highly doubt he is), he didn’t see it.

Apparently Tariq also challenged Ben in 2015:

But again, he’s missing one very important piece of the challenge:

No tag.

Without the ‘@’ Ben won’t see Tariq’s challenges, so either he doesn’t know how Twitter works or he’s a subtweeting coward trolling for followers.

Maybe a little bit of both.

Seems there would be plenty of interest in watching Ben destroy … err … debate Tariq.

If Ben can’t see it he can’t be scared … or amused.

He just wants people to think Ben is scared of him, which is preposterous.

And totally mock-worthy.


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