Imagine being so outraged over an opinion piece you had to go on Twitter and complain about it.

She finds it astonishing that the NYT won’t apologize for something it didn’t do?

Alrighty then.

This is the column Sarah is referring to:

The article, BTW, is really really really well done.

From Bari Weiss via The New York Times:

Yet this sharp-tongued Never Trumper was also, according to the Anti-Defamation League, by far the most bullied Jewish journalist of 2016 — quite a distinction when you think about the kind of vitriol that gushed forth this past year on platforms like Twitter. Those attacks came from the alt-right, which called Mr. Shapiro a “Christ killer” and far worse. When his son was born, the trolls called the baby a “newborn cockroach” and suggested that the entire Shapiro family head to the gas chambers.

Maybe Sarah should read up a little on Ben Shapiro and the alt-right movement because if she thinks he’s the alt-right we have a bridge to sell her.

Triggered journo is triggered.

It’s seriously like these people have Shapiro Derangement Syndrome.


He’s right, why should it? There is absolutely NOTHING alt-right about Ben Shapiro.

Likely both.

She’s not aware, clearly.

That or she doesn’t care.


BAM! Patricia Heaton CRUSHES (then triggers) Tariq Nasheed for lying about Ben Shapiro