You know Dana Loesch has REALLY whooped someone when you go to pull the tweets from a back-and-forth and they’ve all been deleted. That’s what happened when Brett Arends (some nobody journo who Twitter saw fit to verify) attacked Dana, accused her of being an NRA shill and then implied Donald Trump would sexually assault her.

Sadly we only have one side of the original back and forth because like we said, the coward deleted his tweets after the fact.

It’s what progressive men do it seems.

Get him, Dana.

We’d show you the tweet where Brett was indeed whining about being stomped but he appears to have deleted it.

Dude REALLY ticked her off.

Pretty sure we’d delete our tweets too if we ticked Dana off this badly.


Having been thoroughly whooped, Brett appears to have gone back to his timeline to subtweet and act like the snowflake he proved himself to be.

Tough guy then started subtweeting about the snowflakes (including Dana) on his timeline, pretending he was all big and bad:

You know what’s beyond pathetic? A guy with a blue check getting so badly worked on Twitter that he deletes tweets from a debate and then pretends he was the winner of said debate.

This ‘man’ implied Donald Trump would sexually assault Dana … Democrats. *eye roll*

Says the guy picking fights and deleting tweets because the ass-kicking he just got was beyond embarrassing.

What a snowflake.


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