Well this is just unacceptable.

Google is RACIST! No really …

From CBS News:

Anyone who uses Google has seen internet ads pop up that bear an uncanny similarity to something they’ve been searching for. But that ad-targeting technology appears to have a dark side. Google, the largest advertising platform in the world, has allowed advertisers to target racist and bigoted keywords, according to a new report from BuzzFeed News.

And Twitter appears to have a similar problem with its ad campaigns, according to a report in The Daily Beast, also published Friday. Both reports follow a ProPublica investigation that exposed the ability to target racist and anti-Semitic categories in Facebook’s ad platform.


Instapundit is right, Google and Twitter should be shut down IMMEDIATELY!

More from CBS News:

When reporters typed “White people ruin …” the tool suggested targeting internet users searching “black people ruin everything,” “blacks destroy everything” and “black people ruin neighborhoods.” When they typed “Why do Jews ruin everything,” Google suggested running ads next to searches for “are jews evil,” “jews run the world” and “jews own everything.”

After BuzzFeed News notified Google about the problematic keywords, the company removed them from its advertising tool.

‘Jews run the world.’ ARE YOU KIDDING US?!

Shut ’em down!



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