We know, we know … asking, ‘What if they treated Michelle Obama like this’ when talking about the way the Left treats Melania Trump is getting old but wow.

If someone had done this to Michelle there would have at least been some protests, maybe even a few buildings burned down:

Read through the ’25 things you didn’t know about Melania,’ it’s really gross. We can’t decide which one is the most hateful or sexist, they’re all just that bad.

The Left always projects onto the Right, especially when it comes to sexism. Just look at how they treat Republican and Conservative women.

Because Bill Maher and many progressives like him are the bullies.

That wouldn’t only be sexist, it would be racist too.

He’s referring to the point about Trump calling Melania, Ivanka in bed … notice the pretty blue check by this guy’s name.

Progressives are awful.



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