Wow, this was super deep from Politico …

Guess Mother Nature gave them an exclusive interview.

*eye roll*

From Politico:

But white men began to realize that South Florida had real potential if they could figure out how to drain its “monstrous” swamp. Governor Broward vowed to dig a few canals and create an instant “Empire of the Everglades,” a winter garden that would grow food for the world and cities larger than Chicago. Swindlers sold swampland to suckers, turning Florida real estate into a land-by-the-gallon punchline. Pioneers flocked to long-forgotten marshy boom towns with names like Utopia and Hope City and Gladesview, buying lots that looked great in the dry season only to find that they still flooded regularly during the rainy season.

Gotta blame the evil white man.

No kidding?!

Sounds like we shouldn’t live in Florida AND we shouldn’t fight polio.

This may be the dumbest article Politico has ever published, and that says a lot.

They totally had a latte at Starbucks together, duh.

Don’t be surprised when Politico takes this tweet and uses it as proof that Mother Nature didn’t intend for man to live, at all.


Just tough it out and all, since Mother Nature didn’t intend for surgery to exist.

Hey, this game is fun.

But MAN CONTROLS THE WEATHER! Everything is MAN’S fault!

Wait sorry, everything is the WHITE MAN’S fault.

Our bad.

They really didn’t think this article through, did they.

So soft.

And fin.


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