As Twitchy readers know, Michael Ian Black went on some bizarre rant where he claimed one party doesn’t believe in science … basically politicizing a natural disaster as a way to attack Republicans.

Full transparency on this editor’s part, the rant was SO long and so mind-numbingly stupid we didn’t make it all the way through, but this first tweet was enough for mockery all over Twitter. Our favorite though is from Katie Hopkins, mainly because it’s one of a handful Black responded to:



Black of course pointed out that he didn’t say Trump controls the weather …

And while a bunch of his followers were making fun of Katie’s reading skills, we need to point out that she never said Black himself said any such thing. She said ONE PARTY, and maybe he missed it but plenty of idiots on the Left have been accusing Trump of controlling the weather.

Look at these people …

The irony.

People like this are the reason we have warnings on shampoo bottles.


Nailed it: Michael Ian Black exposes the party that doesn’t believe in science in epic rant