Seems Lauren Duca experienced some sort of micro-aggression last night.

Now we weren’t with Lauren when this did or didn’t happen, so we can’t say for sure if this tweet is true, but it feels a little like when a reporter tells you a young Hispanic child on the metro asked him why the president hates him.

Just sayin’.

‘When she FINALLY murders a man for harassing her on the street …’ Really. Imagine how angry she would be if a man tweeted about when he finally murders a woman for a micro-aggression.

Of course that would never happen because most men know there is no such thing as a micro, macro, ninja, mime or leprechaun aggression.


So because she supposedly had pictures taken of her she should be allowed to hate men for the day.

Seems legit.

Feminism is awful.

Yes. Please.

In fact, let us set up a GoFundMe page TODAY so all feminists and SJWs can live on their women-only island.

We fully support these efforts. #GirlPower

He said journalist.


And no.

The woke Hispanic child tried to help Lauren but Donald Trump swooped in and deported him before he could.

Hey, it could have happened.


For us the main takeaway is that she thinks it’s appropriate to joke about killing men, which sadly has become what drives modern-day feminism.


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SEXIST much? Judd Apatow lecturing Betsy DeVos on sexual assault looks a LOT like mansplaining