Besides Gorsuch, Betsy DeVos may well be Trump’s best decision since he became president. Tough, knowledgeable … and a woman. Looking at the hissyfit the Left threw yesterday (that’s continuing into today) over a WOMAN saying we need to fix the mess the Obama admin made of Title IX, imagine the MELTDOWN if a man had made this announcement:

What’s wrong with this statement? Maybe the Democrats missed it, but there have been plenty of cases where people on college campuses have been wrongly accused and their due process literally taken away.

If you see harassment everywhere you lose the ability to see what actual harassment looks like.

We get it.

She’s right.

But apparently Judd Apatow didn’t get it and took it upon himself to lecture Betsy about sexual assault.

Sexist much?

This may well be one of the dumbest tweets we’ve ever covered … sincerely. Even if you disagree with Trump, pretending they’re deliberately trying to hurt certain groups of people is just asinine.

Hence, Apatow.

It is. But like with most things,

Democrats believe you should do as they say, not as they do.


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