Elizabeth Warren wants us all to know her Christian faith is ‘deep and authentic.’

Right Liz, tell us another one …

From The Boston Globe:

“She’s a praying woman. . . . She believes in prayer,” said the Rev. Miniard Culpepper, pastor of Pleasant Hill Baptist Church in Dorchester, who met Warren during her 2012 campaign. He recalled how he prayed with Warren and her husband, Bruce Mann, at her request, before every debate in her race against Scott Brown.

Culpepper joined her again in prayer just before she took the stage to give her speech to the 2012 Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, N.C., the biggest moment in her fledgling political career up to that point.

“She also believes in the Word of God, and wants to live according to the biblical teachings,” he said. It’s a relatively private side of Warren that would almost inevitably become more public if she decides to run for president. Warren says she is squarely focused on her Senate reelection race.

A praying woman, for real? Does this make Warren a medicine woman?

Oh didn’t you know, all good Christians advocate for the slaughter of hundreds of THOUSANDS of babies.

She may actually have this printed up on business cards somewhere.

Guess she missed the whole ‘don’t tell lies’ thing, huh.

Truth hurts.


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