As Twitchy readers know, Linda Sarsour was caught soliciting Harvey funds for a PAC, because she’s a heartless shill looking to line the pockets of her movement.

Seems Sarsour didn’t much care for being called out:

Because only white supremacists who are obsessed with smearing women of color would have an issue with Sarsour exploiting Harvey for her agenda.


Like most progressives she is so blinded by her agenda and so grossly egotistic that in her small mind only evil white oppressors would ever have an issue with her. The notion that normal, everyday, decent Americans might take issue with this type of fraud is clearly alien to her.

Funny that.

Yeah, that ain’t happenin’.


It’s all she knows. Say or do something stupid, act shocked by the outrage, play victim, blame white people and Jews … repeat.


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