Keith Olbermann certainly has been making a name for himself lately in social media.

Too bad that name is ‘jackass’.

And in making a name for himself he has ticked off a lot of people on the Right (and on the Left), but none other has decimated Olbermann quite as completely as the one and only James Woods.

Oh no, not the SYMPATHY slam. Dude is so screwed up we can’t even make fun of him?


Odds are Keith does most of his ranting in his basement, wrapped in an American flag, sucking his thumb and throwing darts at a Trump cutout on his wall. Dude really needs to get a hobby.

At most.

Keith is trying so hard to be relevant and edgy that it’s just sadly hilarious at this point.


This editor has actually asked this same question, to no avail. As long as you have the wrong ideas (aka LEFTY ideas) and a blue check, Twitter will protect you, even if you are batsh*t.



Editor’s note: The tweet James was featuring in his ‘slam’ was a faked screenshot, just FYI.


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