Harvey has brought out the absolute best in people … and sadly the absolute worst as well. As we’ve been following the storm on Twitter, we have sadly come across far too many people using the hurricane as a means to make political statements and hate on those who disagree with them.

So we compiled the 10 worst tweets sent in from our followers, and here they are:

10. Rep. Pete King for attacking Cruz and Texas; be better, Pete.

9. Because praying for people who disagree with you politically is a bad thing.

8. Obama would have stopped that evil ol ‘hurricane, right? Sorta like he stopped the oceans from rising?

7. So edgy.

6. Right? Because the first thing anyone is thinking about as Houston floods is how will women have abortions. Sure.

5. HA HA HA it’s hilarious when people we disagree with politically might die.

4. And the Left wonders why they keep losing. Awful. All of these nonsensical tweets count as ONE btw.

3. IT’S NOT A NATURAL DISASTER Y’ALL, evil white men made this happen. And hey, what better way to take a dig at God …

2. It’s like this group doesn’t know what the word ‘charitable’ or the word ‘humans’ mean.

And finally, in first place … (we had to use screenshots because Ken here was so put upon when karma caught up to him that he deleted his account):

‘Honorable’ mentions:

Stay classy, Lefties.

Editor’s note: We will continue to update this story as the day goes on because we all know the Left will outdo themselves with ugly. Stay tuned.


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