Who are these people?

Maybe Dr. Kelly Sennholz missed it, but millions of people in Houston are in serious danger from these flood waters … right now is probably not the best time to use them in an attempt to slam Trump.

Just thinkin’ out loud.

She’s accusing Trump of trying to kill us all but HE’S the bad human. Alrighty then.

Dammit Jim, she’s a doctor! O.O

Because you know, hurricanes are racist.

Another tweet she thought using a hashtag people are following for news on a catastrophic flooding made sense using:

Classy. Because Republicans love watching people suffer in a flood.

Note, she has over 80k followers spewing this garbage.

Actually Trump has already made all resources possible available to those in the flood … unlike how Obama handled Sandy. But tell us more about evil Republicans.

When people started calling her out on this nonsense she accused them of being Russian bots.

We literally can’t even.


Blame CAPITALISM! LOONY SJW insists Harvey is NOT a natural disaster (gets BLOWN away)