As Hurricane Harvey bore down on Texas, flooding Houston in a catastrophic fashion, climate change cult leaders like Kate Aronoff were on Twitter reminding everyone that it’s not a natural disaster.

We can’t make this crap up.

See for yourself:

For whatever reason she seems to have deleted her follow-up tweets, but luckily someone grabbed them.

Oh so CAPITALISM causes hurricanes, including Harvey.

Good to know.

So blame Willy Wonka.

Hey, seems legit.


Wonder if she is watching the flooding in Houston … she really thinks man himself could cause such destruction? This is definitely another one of those ‘pull your head out of your arse before tweeting’ situations.

Freakin’ capitalistic Ooompa Loompas driving their SUVs around, using aerosol and not recycling.

Stick around, we’re sure they won’t get any better.

‘Nuff said.

Before Capitalism destroyed the climate.

Good times.


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