BLM wouldn’t sit with Trump because they wouldn’t sit with Hitler.

Alrighty then.

Watch this:

But tell us more about how Black Lives Matter isn’t a hate group or violent … we love that new narrative the Left is using to protect their pet group.

Oh and beyond the fact that she calls Trump the epitome of evil, she slams Capitalism and all good things in America; maybe this country just isn’t her thing.

You think they have it anyway?


She needs more than a History lesson but odds are she’s not interesting in learning a damn thing.

If you can watch that video without rolling your eyes you are far tougher than we are.

Of course they don’t. They need the division, they thrive on it.

And the award for most melodramatic interview in the 2017 goes to …

Right? It took us a whole article to even cover a small PORTION of the stupid in that video.

YUP, they all but elected him.

So keep on playing the Hitler card, it’s worked out so well for BLM so far.


DAFUQ –> LGGBDTTTIQQAAPP Inclusiveness Training flyer from elementary teachers has Twitter LOL’ing

So much WOKENESS! Brian Karem (journo who met WOKE Hispanic kid) met WOKE soldier 2 days before