Man, seems Brian Karem attracts the WOKEST people.

As Twitchy readers know, Karem tweeted out about a Hispanic kid who saw him and his press credentials on the train and supposedly asked him why the president hates him. Because sure, that sounds legit.

Two days before he tweeted this:

You know this other tweet about a woke soldier seems just as legit, right?


HA! When The Onion is more believable than you are it MIGHT be time to think about what you’re writing.

Creepier that if this isn’t true (and we definitely have our doubts) that he thought making something up like this didn’t sound creepy.

And they complain when we call them fake.

Maybe he’ll bump into a WOKE Big Foot?


The word of the day boys and girls is WOKE.

Convenient, ain’t it?


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