William Shatner’s timeline is GOLD.

Today he was battling an SJW puppeteer … and no, we don’t mean some high-level SJW telling others what to say, we mean an actual puppeteer.

Children. *eye roll*

And dude, there is nothing worse than a virtue-signaling puppeteer.


It actually all started here with some bizarre Kirk vs. Picard SJW competition:

Give us Kirk, every day of the week.

Captain Kirk not giving a shiznit Twitter is our favorite Twitter.


Ok that one is going to leave a mark (and yes, he’s just virtue signaling, Captain).

They are indeed consistent.

Journalist? Right.

Psh, any yahoo can call themselves a journalist these days. See Jim Acosta.

Dude has flowers in his name …

Of course shaming doesn’t work on William Shatner, he’s Captain Freakin’ Kirk!


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