Awhile back, Twitter instituted a new TOS (term or service) that basically protected verified users from so-called anonymous users. Basically if you’re an average, everyday Joe without a precious blue check and you curse at a verified account, you can be suspended.

Those with blue checkmarks, however, are clearly free to treat others as they see fit (as long as they buy into and promote the Left’s agenda). Case in point:

Guess how fast they’d suspend someone for talking this way to Valerie Jarrett or Susan Rice.

Because in Twitter’s view they are attacking the RIGHT PEOPLE. It’s never been about decency or treating people well, it’s always been about what furthers their agenda.

Only if their insanity promotes certain talking points and ideas.

Bingo. They don’t want to, people like John Niven say the things they wish they could.

That it is.

Apparently not if it’s one blue check against another? That and if the blue check in question being attacked leans the wrong way politically.

Then it’s AOK.

And that’s the reality of most social media.


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