Ya’ don’t say.



From CNN:

It’s a “made-up term” used by people on the right to “suggest there is a similar movement on the left,” Segal said. But there’s no equivalent with the anti-Semitic and bigoted groups that call themselves “alt-right”, he said.
George Hawley, an assistant professor of political science at the University of Alabama, said the “alt-left” term has been most aggressively pushed by Fox News Channel’s Sean Hannity, but it’s not a label anyone or group has adopted for themselves. “There is no such movement as the alt-left. Obviously, there are left-wing extremists but there is no congruence between the far-left and the alt-right.”

Of course there is “no congruence.” the behavior of the alt-left is in line with the Democratic party. Thanks for admitting it.

With friends like CNN, who needs enemies?

It may actually be in their platform at this point.

Actions speak louder than words, especially with the Left.


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