Boy, CNN is on a roll lately. First they denied there is an alt-Left (basically admitting mainstream Democrats promote violence and hate cops), then Chris Cuomo went on some bizarre rant earlier about white terrorists … and now this nonsense.

917 hate groups. For realz? Wow.

Hrm. Who decides what a hate group is?

Oh wait, it’s the Southern Poverty Law Center. *eye roll*

So churches who don’t support gay marriage are hate groups.

Alrighty then.

Not a bad idea; if they were at all honest they would .

Notice we haven’t heard much about Russia … wonder why that is.

It’s rarely about the news with CNN anymore, and almost always about the agenda and narrative.

Quite a lot of dogpiling by the Left and the media, indeed.

Mic. Drop.


HE’S GONNA BLOW! Trump-tweet-triggered Chris Cuomo RAGES about evil white domestic terrorists

OOPS: CNN denies there’s an alt-left, accidentally admits mainstream Dems are violent and hate cops