Ivanka Trump tweets about the violence in Charlottesville, Va. this morning, condemning racism, white supremacy and neo-Nazis:

In essence doing what the media has criticized of father of not doing, calling out these groups specifically.

And then looking for unity, which is also what the Left supposedly wants.

Or do they?

Sorry Ivanka, there is no reasoning with the Left.

Seriously, look at these people:

And you wonder how Hillary lost.

Don’t you love it when one woman tells another woman to sit down and shut up?

Super classy.

People like Charlie don’t get it, that there are two sides here at war and normal, sane people are in the middle watching it happen; the White Nationalists weren’t fighting themselves.

And calling Trump a neo-Nazi is like dumping gas on a fire. *eye roll*

She is literally doing what they want, saying the things they want said … and they attack her for it, they use her to hurt her dad.

There is no appeasing the Left, Ivanka.

Haters gonna hate.


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