Just when you think you’ve seen EVERYTHING there is to see on Twitter …

Now a sane, rational and normal thinking type person would immediately know that Light-Heavyweight Kickboxing World Champion Andrew Tate is KIDDING, but when it comes to social justice warts it’s a whole new ballgame.

His thread is fairly epic.



Because only Nazis think science actually dictates gender. Totes.

Totally fair.

Hey, SJWs started this.

Why not?


This editor prefers the title “mouthiest Twitchy editor ever”.

You be you, girlfriend.

Try Chelsea, that seems to be a popular way to go.

OMG THAT IS BRILLIANT. Trump would be the first female president …

That might actually cause Hillary to literally lose her mind.


And you’re so pretty.


Ok, so MOST of Twitter knew he was kidding …

But there are plenty of people freaking out on the kickboxing champ …

Gotta love Twitter.


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