Have you ever SEEN so many whiny MEN on Twitter than over the past week? Minus the day AFTER Trump won the election of course.


And all it took was the NRA to put out a new ad with the lovely Dana Loesch in it; first they accused her of using the word ‘fist’ and THEN people like Mark here reported the ad to Twitter for hate speech.

Many thought he had reported the NRA to the FBI or other authorities but no, it was just on Twitter.

As if that makes it much better.

Dude. It was a commercial. Grow a pair, will ya’?

NU-UH! Offending him is hate speech or something …

Imagine the type of person who gets so offended BY A COMMERCIAL that they report it as hate speech.

And he’s proud of it.

Right there next to free healthcare and abortion.

Too late, guys like Mark have already deemed it hate speech and thus it should be destroyed.

These people.

It’s what progs do best.


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