William Shatner has been defending himself for days from SJWs attacking him on all fronts. Not sure why they think attacking an 86-year-old icon who changed the world of sci-fi as we know it is a good idea, but then again no one ever accused SJWs of being all that bright in the first place.

Notice how Matt here from Gizmodo says Shatner ‘is going fascist’ for falling out of line with their preferred agenda:

FORGET that Shatner is Jewish, he was also the star of a TV show that broke race and sex barriers like none other before it.

And this jack-a-ninny has the nerve to disrespect him and say he’s gone fascist?


Where do we start?


Psh, you expect someone like Matt to actually understand the words he uses to attack people? Silly.

Oh yeah, check out how they’ve been treating Shatner:

Yup, we see it.

And Matt called Shatner the fascist.



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