Southern Poverty Law Center pushed a garbage piece accusing any black people who don’t fall within a certain type of agenda of being a ‘white troll behind a black face.’

We can’t even make this up.

From NPR:

Over the past few months, Black Twitter has noticed an increase in the number of white trolls creating fake Twitter accounts. Newkirk says he first noticed this around election time last year, when people began posting directions on how to create these fake accounts on websites and forums.

So far, Newkirk says he has encountered four or five fake white troll accounts since last year’s elections, but it is difficult to identify them all the time. “It could very well be that some of the hateful stuff I get in my mentions is from fake accounts that I haven’t yet identified,” he says.

Hateful stuff? Because black people only post a certain way on certain topics?

Umm, that’s racist.

SPLC is just embarrassing at this point.

Case in point:

And the answer is yes.

They need to keep pushing a certain agenda, otherwise the Left has zero to actually campaign on.

Clearly only certain types of black Americans qualify as being black, according to SPLC. Otherwise they’re obviously just a bunch of white people pretending to be black.

Welcome to peak stupid, 2017.


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