For eight years, Republicans ran on the premise that once we gave them enough power they would repeal the nightmare that is Obamacare. And now that Republicans have given them a majority in all three branches, they can’t seem to get it done.

Even though they magically voted for a full repeal of Obamacare 52 times under Obama.

James is pissed.

We are too.

That one is gonna leave a serious mark.

Sadly it’s starting to feel that way.

Why bother when it’s evident they only really care about representing themselves and their own best interests.

Which was a point Ted Cruz made when he was interviewed last night after the vote. Shameful for the Senate to ignore the fact that Americans are indeed struggling to pay their own bills and put food on their tables; Obamacare is costing Americans millions every year.

Cruz also said Americans would feel betrayed, and he’s right.

Nothing more than political theatre.



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