Boy are we glad Sean Spicer announced he was staying on as White House Press Secretary until the end of August, because that means his parody account @sean_spicier is still going strong …

And honestly even after Spicer is officially gone, that doesn’t mean the Left will know any better. Hell, they couldn’t even figure out he/she wasn’t the real deal and he’s been admitting as much since he first formed the account.

This time he completely freaked out the Hillary cult:

Grab the popcorn.

He mad.

Was that a MAGA account trolling Sean Spicier?


Yeah, so there!

That being said, holding her head high above the cesspit still means she has zero relevance, authority or credibility.

That’s the best comeback – if Trump is so awful how come your candidate couldn’t beat him? Trump was the most unpopular candidate ever? And yet he beat Hillary, so that actually makes HER the most unpopular candidate ever.


Participation trophy … this is the Left we’re talking about here.

When they go low, we make fun of and mock them endlessly.



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