Wonder if Jim Acosta is ready to skip all of the smug tweets after everything that was dropped about CNN this week and admit journalists are biased and care more about ratings than the news these days?

Guess not.

Sure, what Trump tweeted was questionable and many on the right (including several senators) spoke out against the president’s behavior. Jim though has no room to make snide comments using the ‘old enough to remember’ joke, and Conservatives were more than happy to let him know WHY.


It certainly seems to be raining crap all over Jim Acosta.

Starting to see where this is headed? Yeah, it didn’t work out the way Jim wanted it to.

Wonder if Jim was tweeting this from the back of the press room.

They created a monster.

It honestly didn’t end well for anyone involved.

Especially after all of the videos being dropped about CNN and their credibility.


Wow, they have indeed.


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