Poor Mark Ruffalo, he had to know this wouldn’t end well for him.

Fact: Planned Parenthood had enough money to give Ossoff nearly a million dollars so let’s stop pretending they need tax dollars.

And #ProtectOurCare? What is Ruffalo being seen for at Planned Parenthood?

Ya’ think?

But Planned Parenthood can’t do that, because then they’d have to admit the majority of what they do is abortion. They couldn’t break down the procedure into multiple ‘services’ and then swear that only 3% of what they do is killing babies.

Sorta inconvenient.


Hulk LIES!

Notice he left that part out.

Hundreds of thousands.

We stopped being embarrassed for Hollywood derps tweeting stupid years ago.


Mark should absolutely feel free to write a big ol’ check if he wants them to stay in business. No more tax dollars.

They always leave that part out too.


Kirsten Gillibrand (who has received 1000’s from Planned Parenthood) says funding them is not negotiable

Can’t EVEN! Chelsea Clinton does some SERIOUS pearl-clutching over GOP health care bill