Well then, this is disconcerting.

From last week not long after Scalise had been shot by a lunatic for being a Republican, when his prognosis was still unknown:

Huh, that’s not nice.

Admit it, no one is surprised that this Marcella Arguello ‘person’ is a writer for Bill Nye (via her bio) and has a blue check from Twitter. A conservative would be suspended indefinitely for saying something like this, but Twitter verifies her.

Tells us so much.

This whole new line of activism is scary stuff, but don’t worry, the Left assures us they’re not trying to incite violence against the Right.


While some on the thread defended her (we can’t make this up), others were ready to unfollow her and shared photos of Scalise and his family.

She forgets this part.


She’s wearing a baseball cap and everything.

Super edgy.

What she said.

They don’t get it, by threatening the Right they remind us why it’s more important than EVER to be diligent and stay armed.

Sorry not sorry.


‘I wish he was f*cking dead!’ Neb. Dem official shuns civil discourse after Scalise shooting