Oh look. The GOP released their healthcare bill a few hours ago BUT somehow, someway Nancy Pelosi was not only able to read all of it BUT was online sending crappy tweets about it.

She musta had a V8.

That or she A) didn’t really read the bill or B) would hate whatever the Senate put together.

Weird right?

Pretty much.

There are even four senators who aren’t willing to vote on the bill just yet because it doesn’t do ENOUGH to repeal Obamacare.

So is Nancy admitting that Obamacare was just a massive tax increase? Heh.

That too.

It totally was, someone on her social media team wrote that crap tweet weeks ago.

The bill could have supported single-payer healthcare and she’d STILL be complaining because it came from the GOP; she’s just that partisan.


That bugged us too – it’s a bad thing for Americans who earn their money to want to keep more of it?

And speaking of Obamacare:





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