Take cover everyone, Lefty Twitter, feminists and SJWs are gonna BLOW …

We read a LOT of funny tweets about Hillary Clinton (and Donald Trump, full disclosure), but this may well be one of our favorite Hillary tweets in a long while. Forget that we’re quite frankly sick and tired of the constant feminist drivel around Wonder Woman, this is just so spot on for the Democratic Party of 2017.

Truth hurts.

Umm … please no.

They are HILARIOUS, indeed.

Let’s hear it for the deplorables!


Here are just a few examples of the nonsense Kaczynski encountered for being honest:

Umm … k?



Wow, this chick was REALLY upset. Oh wait …


BEST tweet of the day, fixed it for her.

Useless white boys. *smh*

The saddest part is thes folks don’t realize they just proved his tweet right; but what the Hell, it’s only Twitter.


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