Don’t worry, little people, Hollywood will PROTECT YOU!

Maybe it’s just us, but the notion that some Hollywood teenage has-been feels the need to get between constituents and their elected officials is sorta self-centered and smug. As if they aren’t important enough for their elected officials to pay attention to them without her.


And check some of these out:

First of all her name is Julie, not Jenny.

But Alyssa CARES.

Wonder where these poor people were when Obamacare nuked millions of American’s health insurance seven years ago?

And women’s rights?! Arrrrrgh.

Sorry, can’t watch anymore.

Good gravy.

Ok, one more.

Shew! So if you made it through all of these you’ll notice one theme, all of them agree with Alyssa. She doesn’t seem to be overly hip to sharing videos from people with different ideas … you know, people who lost their insurance years ago?

Hollywood. *eye roll*


FAIL: Sally Field proves Hollywood is TOTES clueless about … well … everything, but ESPECIALLY rights

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