Yesterday, Chelsea Manning shared ‘her’ first selfie after being released from prison and the Left had a total social media-gasm. It was actually really bizarre to watch a bunch of people who have been screeching about WikiLeaks having a bromance (girlmance?) with a person who leaked a bunch of confidential info …

And went to jail for it.

Michael Moore even jumped into the Manning love fest:

Gross, was this a come on?

Ok, we’re pretty sure it wasn’t but OMG that’s hilarious.

And with the way 2017 is going, ya’ never know.

Well of course it is … when Democrats do it and ESPECIALLY when transgendered folks do it.

Don’t ask us, we just work here.

He does when it suits his political purposes, you betcha.

Shhh … he’s on a roll.

You know that thing your body does when you’re really grossed out? That all over body shiver thing?

Yeah, that’s us.

Thanks for that, Michael.