It seems Democrats are willing to say or do ANYTHING to make Trump look like a big meanie with his reasonable cuts to a bloated budget that is hurting the middle class. They’ll even invoke a guy that don’t believe in to shame those who do believe in him, aka Jesus.

Ironic ain’t it? People who for DECADES have been telling Christians to keep their faith out of politics suddenly concerned about what Jesus would do.

All because the Trump budget cuts the 3% the Feds give Meals on Wheels from his budget.

Yup, 3%.


No one is saying we shouldn’t feed the hungry. We’re just saying the Feds shouldn’t steal money from the people to feed the hungry. Odds are if you let the people keep more of their money they’ll be happy to feed those in need.

Besides, if you’re going to use Christianity and Jesus at LEAST know what you’re talking about:

Wait just a minute … you mean Jesus didn’t want the Romans to forcibly take money from the people in order to feed the hungry? He didn’t support redistribution?!

Get outta here.