Earth to Cecile … Planned Parenthood doesn’t provide ‘health care’.

In fact, we double dog dare anyone to call their local Planned Parenthood and ask to be seen and treated for the common cold. See what they say.

On that note, Cecile has been trying really hard to shame Republicans for working to defund Planned Parenthood. Like this interview on MSNBC where she whined about the GOP targeting funding in the new health care bill:

First and foremost, Planned Parenthood would have to provide health care and not just abortions, condoms and referrals to REAL DOCTORS. Second, the Trump administration offered them a deal, that if they would stop performing abortions they could keep their funding.

Which makes sense if only 3% of their ‘care’ is abortion.

But we all know that’s a damn lie.

Nope. Although it sounds like six out of 650 abortion clinics … err … ‘health centers’ provide prenatal care.

Less than 1% because they don’t really provide care to pregnant women, they just offer them abortions.


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