The Women’s March can try and pretend their message is about equality and unity all they want, but deep down they are all third wave feminists.

And all third wave feminists care about is blaming and destroying men.

Take for example this lovely poster seen at yesterday’s event, #DayWithoutAWoman.

And they want her to run for president.

What does Viagra have to do with the wage gap? We thought they were striking so women could earn an equal wage.


Some other lovely photos from the strike … you see anything about wages?

Blah blah blah, patriarchy is everywhere.

They’d be better off to admit this was about men, and hating men, and ultimately hating a particular man, Donald Trump.

Women don’t have to be vulgar to lead or make change and you’d think by now they’d realize that.

It certainly didn’t help that one woman win the election.


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