Keith Olbermann apparently took issue with Ted Cruz and his family having dinner with Donald Trump at the White House.

Who knew a senator and his family eating with the president would so greatly outrage someone … but this is Keith Olbermann we’re talking about.

It all started with what is quite frankly a very sweet picture of Cruz’s kids standing next to the president:

Cruz wrote a very proud tweet that any father would write about his kids getting their photo taken with the president, which infuriated Keith.

Because he’s looking to be infuriated 24/7 and hey, if that means he can include the senator’s children in his rage and attacks, why not?

Right. Taking a photo of your kids in an historic office next to the president is using them as props.

Get a brain.

They’re kids, they shouldn’t know these things and shame on Keith for using THEM as a means to attack Cruz and by default, Trump.

Never surprised by the party of tolerance, are we?


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