Oh John Cleese. Why?!

It pains this editor to write an article about you acting like a jerk, but if the tweet fits …

First of all, women can be assholes. Trust us, we watched a bunch of them on display yesterday in NYC getting arrested because they refused to stop blocking traffic. Second, conservatives and libertarians like Monty Python too, why would you deliberately alienate such a huge part of your demographic? And lastly, calling conservative women assholes on International Women’s Day?

Super classy.

Honestly this makes no sense. Python resonates with people of all political persuasions, so his going out to deliberately attack women who happen to be conservative is just silly.

Or fishy? Fishy fishy fish?


Total sad face.

Stereotype. Clearly.

Oh but didn’t you get the memo? Conservative women don’t count, especially successful conservative women like Michelle Malkin and Ann Coulter.