Sit down, #gunsense.

Attn: is apparently a site that publishes stories they feel should be brought to our attention. Hey don’t blame us, we didn’t make it up.

Anyway, they partnered with Everytown (oh boy) on a piece about domestic abuse and guns …

Prepare your eyes to roll.

From the article:

Domestic abusers are prohibited from buying or owning a firearm if they’ve ever been married to, lived with, or had a child with the victim. Essentially, if you’ve had a legal relationship with someone who was abusive, they would be barred from getting access to a gun.

But a dangerous ex-boyfriend or dating partner? There’s little stopping them from getting a firearm. Due to the lack of a legal relationship with the person they dated, they have carte blanche to get their hands on guns. Therein lies the boyfriend loophole.

And well, like most everything else Moms Demand, Everytown or Shannon Watts is involved with, it’s just not true:

Ouch. Yeah, it’s the law.

But if they learned the law they’d have nothing to spout off about.

They are ABSOLUTELY backward, sneaky and dangerous as most gun grabbers are.


Yup, that’s gonna leave a mark.