There are no ifs, ands or buts about it … Democrats are just buttholes.

Yeah, that’s not nice but seriously, look at this nonsense:

Remember how mad they were at bakeries for refusing to make certain types of cakes? Guessing refusing service is suddenly patriotic …

For fun.

Silly, Senator Scott doesn’t count because he’s a minority who disagrees with them; they’d be fine with him being refused service because like we said, they’re buttholes.

Oooh, big bad THREATS. Oh noez!

Clearly this is the best way to help Americans struggling because of the ACA, Americans who lost coverage and now can’t afford the coverage they were forced to buy, right Scott?

These people.

It’s worse. This is being done for ‘fun,’ or to punish people for not doing their bidding. Very different from someone feeling that a service goes against their faith.

If only.