As Twitchy readers know, Shannon Watts is a cowardly gun-control loon who makes ridiculous claims and blocks anyone and everyone who disagrees with her or calls her out for her BS. One of her most famous blocks is Dana Loesch, who she continues to trash even though she has Dana “blocked” on Twitter.

Today Watts decided to accuse Dana of being paid by the NRA, behind her block, which did NOT turn out so well for the gun control fanatic:

Probably not the smartest thing to claim when everyone knows Watts is paid by Bloomberg … what do they say about people who project in this way?

Watts needs to lie about guns and gun rights advocates to feed her narrative (and quite possibly her own pocketbook).

Or an agenda.

Ooh ooh, we know!

But then again, Watts has never been accused of actually knowing a damn thing about gun rights, gun stats or guns in general.

Talk about #FakeNews, Watts is the queen. Fake news, fake stats … fake fake fake.

Bloomberg said we need to disarm minorities? HA! No wonder he hates the NRA, which was founded to protect freed slaves.


Anti-gun lobbyists were after Bass Pro Shops earlier this week and were attacked over a deleted tweet.

Funny how once again Watts is projecting her own behavior onto others.